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Its rare to find a really good Pest Control Service around Altona Meadows like Maurie's service and Thankyou for helping us living a healthier lifestyle.

Thuy T – from Altona Meadows, Victoria 3028 commented

It has been nearly 6 months since we had I our pest control service. We live in Altona Meadows and before having our pest problem treated we were living with cockroaches and ants in the house.

Our place was a mess. We knew that we had to get proper pest control service in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Luckily we found Maurie’s pest control service online. I can’t thank Maurie enough for his excellent service around the house.

He treated every corner of the house with sprays and baits setup. Everything was done in a professional manner. Maurie even gave us some good hygiene sanitation recommendations to live a better lifestyle. If you are looking for a good Pest Control service in Altona Meadows then Maurie is your guy for the job.

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