Termite Pest Control

Termite inspections, reports, and treatments.


  • 1 in 3 Homes in Australia will have termite activity
  • Your insurance company does not cover termite damage
  • The Australian standard recommends at least annual inspection

Most people have little knowledge of termites and their activities, and can sometimes make treatment much more difficult for a Pest Control Professional. If you suspect you have termites, you should not attempt to remove or exterminate them. Sometimes a small area of activity identified inside the home may be the only identifiable area for treatment, and if that is disturbed, treatment can be made much more difficult, which generally means more expensive.

There are several methods of treating termites. Baiting, Physical Barriers, Chemical Barriers, Monitoring Systems, Reticulation Systems, Dusting or a combination of these. An Inspection report will list recommended options, but generally a choice of options is available. All Inspections Reports and Treatments are done the relevant Australian Standards

Termite Inspections, The Australian standard recommends at least  annual inspections.

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